Langkawi Trip 2017

Do not expect lots of picture cause we do not have many. We are laziest people on earth who just enjoyed the moment at that time only, no memories was taken home. ha ha. Not many. we have few of course.

So my trip to Langkawi is Awesome. I drove a VAN. Farhana drove a VAN!!. Me who fails at parking "PERDANA V6" drove a VAN. We all safe and sound. Luckily. :) Nobody can drive manual actually there are 3 persons, me, pregnant mother and sarcastic kids. he he. Sarcastic kid take a wheel on the first day at Langkawi and I took the rest. It is not as bad as it sound, I just exaggerate.

Due to my Langkawi trips I missed 2 people weddings. I'm sorry but congratulations by the way. I missed my best friend wedding twice including today. he he silly me. I'll send out the present later once I decide on what it is.

Anyway, the trip is fun for me. I got to swim in pool and out in the seas. Amazing. I don't know why people do not want to enjoy this. It is like awesome. Like freaking awesome. Okay you may conclude me as sea lover. But guys its fun. It just fun. I don't understand why people want to miss the fun.

So we got there, we have done lots of eating, sight seeing, shopping, eating, eating, shopping, shopping and shopping. You know the plain vacations. Ha ha. Langkawi is a place to visit and lots of history. I'm not sure whether its fiction or the truth, but we believe its true, so don't argues. Only one place we were not going, the most important place in Langkawi "Dataran Lang". Every-time I go there, every-time forget, you see. I hate this. he he. Anyway nothing much la Dataran Lang, it just nice for photo-photo la. :)

I really do not know whether I should review each place we go, since I don't really remember. So I won't review. Basically all place we go and we eat, was fine and great. nothing much nothing less. worth going. free advice, do not expect too high. Lower your expectation you won't regret. I think mom-sy would have crush on Langkawi. Shopping is fun for Mom-sy. Single person like me, shopping place easily bored me. I rather go to sight-seeing and sun-bathing. Although we don't do -sun-bath much, because we easily changing colors.

As much as I'm concern my first vacation of 2017 is success. The End.

the TROOPS 😈😍


the happy face in Aquarium

the Penguin 


The Food "EE BURGER"


The whether is hot yet I want to play in the water, face. :)