New Year Plan.

First post on 2017. 

I decide to celebrate my new year with people I love. No reasons not to. The last time we're in PD, I cannot swimming. So this time around I will. FYI I can swim now. After 26 years I just realise that I can swim. Uwah! he he.

I have no resolutions this year. I just want to be better me. That's all. I also want to Graduate on Time.

I just hope our countries will be better in 2017, however, on the first day petrol already increase by RM0.20. For poor people like me, this is too much. Should I move country instead. I just hope Allah will give Nur to our people and provide us with some sort of consciousness. Let us realise this world is momentarily. We are just mere mortal, who someday somehow will die eventually. 

I was thinking to be extraordinary, a person without resolutions, suddenly I have 3. -_-''